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Reaching Out... Lending a Helping Hand.

We are a group of individuals driven by the same desires, which is to assist Africa in its spiritual redevelopment, preservation and help uplift the standard of living of her people. We function as students and professionals; leaders and motivators; ministers and constituents. Together, we make a difference.

Who We Are

Min. Nicholas Okaijah Thompson

-ARRM Founder and Director

Reverend Ernest A. Baker, Sr. is the Senior Pastor of New Hope Christian Missionary Baptist Church. Born, raised, and educated in Chicago, Illinois, Pastor Baker is a third-generation Baptist minister licensed and ordained in 1990. Pastor Baker served five years as Assistant Pastor of New Hope Christian M.B. Church under the pastorate of his father the late Rev. Malachi G. Baker. In October of 1995, Pastor Baker was installed as Senior Pastor, as his father assumed the status of Pastor-Emeritus. He is also the author of "The Christian Foundation Course."

Reverend Ernest A. Baker, Sr.

-Interim Chair, Board of Trustees

Born and raised in Africa, he is a graduate of the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Rising to the position of News Editor of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, he moved to the U.S. to continue his education. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Master's degree in Public Affairs Journalism. He worked as a news writer and editor for some community newspapers and did free-lance writing for the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times. He later became an adjunct professor and administrator at Chicago State University and some community colleges. Min. Thompson, who attended the Chicago Baptist Institute, is an ordained minister.

Dr. Dorothy Thompson

-ARRM Secretary

Min. Dorothy Thompson is a Chicago native and a concerned advocate for change in the way children are educated within the city. Dorothy is a retired principal, ordained minister, mother, and wife, placing a personal stake in the lives of the children that she guides. She is currently working with a number of organizations, and she loves to travel. She is pursuing her doctorate, and published a book, "What to Do When You Be in Something."

A graduate of King College Prep, Ashley she continues her love of service. She is a member of New Hope Christian Missionary Baptist Church and enjoys her worked as administrative assistant with ARRM.

Ashley Baker

Breanna Baker graduated from a University in North Carolina. She attends New Hope Christian Missionary Baptist Church, where her father, Ernest A. Baker, Sr., is pastor. Breanna has worked with ARRM, and she is currently pursuing a graduate degree in psychology.

A graduate of Knox College, she majored in Creative Writing and a Gender and Women Studies Minor. She has been published in a number of publications in Chicago and New York. She currently resides in New York and works as a writer with various publications. "My interests include writing, I'm also interested in current social issues and their effect on women."

Nicole Thompson

-ARRM Writer & IT Coordinator

Jorie Parker worked as an office assistant for ARRM. She just graduated from High School and plans to attend college. She plans to major in Business and English Literature.

Jorie Parker

Destiny Igess plans to continue her education. She intends to major in biology with a minor in nursing. She plans on taking CNA classes at Kennedy King College. She wants to become a pharmacist as well as a nurse.

Destiny Igess

Breanna Baker

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