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Descending from the plane at Tel Aviv airport, a strong wind blew across the tarmac on our arrival in Israel for a Holy Study Tour recently. The quality of the air was superb, but the wind carried off the hat of a Rabbi causing him to run in hot pursuit of the object. All these happenings depicted the Holy Spirit manifesting its presence.


ARRM's two-member delegation: Minister Nicholas Thompson, Director, and Dr. Dorothy Thompson, Secretary-Treasurer, was among a group of 80 people comprising pastors, ministers and travel agents on this special study tour. 


The group visited important spiritual and historic sites in Israel and parts of Palestine. Among others, the tour took them to the birthplace of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Palestine, the Garden of Gethsemane, Mount of Beatitudes; His burial tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, Church of John the Baptist, where an African clergy from Togo officiates, Nazareth and Galilee. Highlights of the trip included a cruise on the Sea of Galilee with group members singing and praising the Lord, baptism in the Jordan River, a visit to an area by the Dead Sea and the Wall of Jerusalem.


"The tour was just awesome. The place is just beautiful, and visiting all these places Jesus touched gives you a sense of joy but a humbling experience as well.

The Bible comes alive to you, and you are empowered and recharged to intensify efforts for the Great Commission to win more disciples for Lord," stated Director Thompson on his return to his Chicago base. 


Rev. Antoine R. Jacobs, pastor of the First Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, New Orleans,  participated in officiating a joyful baptism in Jordan River and in a moving service on a boat on the Sea of Galilee, shared similar sentiments.


"The trip to the Holy Land was truly a life-changing experience. In addition to the extraordinary places that we toured, seeing the people and the relationships that we made are blessings. We have settled back at home with a new charged and enlighten spirit, ' he declared.


Other officiating ministers on the trip included Rev. Travis George, pastor of the Second Bethlehem Church also in New Orleans; Dr. Aaron R. Jones, senior pastor of the New Hope Church, Waldorf, MD; and Rev. Clint Sprague, pastor of the Life Mission Church, Olathe, KS.


During the trip, the ARRM team encountered African Jews from Ethiopia, Hebrew Israelites from Chicago, Nigerians, Koreans, Chinese, Hispanics, and Filipinos also visiting the place.


The Africa Resurrection and Restoration Ministries (ARRM) is a non-denominational group committed to the Great Commandments and Great Commission of the Lord. It does so by organizing trips to places such as the Holy Land, Africa and the Caribbeans to win disciples for the Lord as well as supporting orphans and the needy.


ARRM also hosts a weekly telephone Resurrection Prayer Service on Saturdays, between 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. (Chicago time) on 1-641-715-3340, then insert the Access Code:1053675#. For information about trips, call (773) 253-9213

Revival Trips to Ghana

In seeking to help implement the Great Commission, ARRM went on a revival trips to Africa, beginning with Ghana in 2010. These trips aimed at giving American participants an opportunity to encourage and give hope to their African counterparts. In addition to sharing the Word, the American participant had the opportunity to enjoy the cultural and historical heritage of Africa. Tours for participants to visit the most beautiful cultural and historical centers -including, 'The Door of No Return".

Participants who wished to engage in the spirit of giving had time set aside for them with the needy to share personal items including new or used Bibles, books, magazines, and computers.

In addition to evangelism in Africa, U.S and the Caribbean, our focus for future trips will be placed on providing supplies to assist with AIDS, malaria and other health issues. Other projects envisaged include:

  • A Health Clinic, School, Publishing House

  • Provision of clean water for the people

  • Clothing and shoes for the needy

  • School, Business and trades training

  • Secure building materials and equipment to build a facility to house the above-named projects and a chapel.

Photos and information from our first revival trip.

Sister Church Relations

ARRM is organized to cater to churches or individuals that may have an interest in international missions, but have no vehicle to achieve their goal. It could be a desire to have sister church relations, minister the gospel and provide relief items or just simply support by monetary means or other donations.

Back to School Prayer Breakfast

ARRM has committed itself to host an annual back-to-school breakfast entitled, “Taste the Difference”. Approximately 100 people including pastors, ministers, educators, students and community activists attended the event held at New Hope Christian Missionary Baptist Church, 1033 E. 95th Street. Prayers, exhortations and gospel music filled the air, and speakers urged the youth to focus their minds on pursuing quality education to compete effectively in today’s tough job market.

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