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Africa Resurrection and Restoration Ministries.


Our organization functions as a catalyst for positive change in the African world, working to better it physically and spiritually. With help from the community, other non-profits and individuals, we will help foster hope, positivity and godliness through our efforts in America and abroad. Our aims are to enable the spiritual and material redevelopment of people in America and Africa, so that they may function together to perform acts of Christ, and to undertake philanthropic efforts. In addition, ARRM works to mobilize African Americans and minorities so that they might become better employees in a worsening economy. The importance of schooling and hard work are values that we aim to promote and support. We believe that those who receive both spiritual and secular education make for better citizens and global participants.


Africa has always been regarded as the Motherland. It is the part of the earth where life originated. However, its biological significance is not nearly as profound as its spiritual significance. The Christian believer understands that the Giver of all life is the God of the Holy Bible, and He chose the Motherland as that geographical area by which He would establish an eternal relationship with mankind.

The vision of ARRM is to be instrumental in the spiritual revitalization of Africa, enabling it to stand proud in its obviously divinely favored status in the sight of God.

ARRM understands that the resurrection and restoration of Africa can only be accomplished through true discipleship. Africa, as well as other areas of the world, has been practicing this in some instances only superficially.

In addition to winning souls for the Lord, ARRM will seek a change of heart on the part of people who have accepted the Christian faith but still cling to traditional religious practices. The organization will also stand firm by sincere and dedicated Christians in the face of attempts by rival religions and others to control Africans. This could be seen in a foreign ideology in the disguise of an economic benefactor, or foreign movies depicting characters suggesting that God has left Africa.

The truth is that God has always been by the people of Africa and has enabled them to withstand the machinations of forces that have sought not only to conquer but to destroy them. With continued faith in God, Africa will achieve ultimate victory.


“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound…” (Isaiah 61:1)

The Lord Jesus freed us from bondage, preached the Word of God, and healed the sick and fed the hungry as well. Likewise, ARRM will seek to carry out the mission of Christ by meeting the needs of the whole man, and ministering to those who are destitute, especially the disabled and adolescent victims of wars.

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